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Deadline subscription WSET19/12/2100:0000:00
Start Online WSET Level 2 Wines10/01/2200:0000:00
Possible exam moment05/03/2213:3014:30
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Start Online WSET Level 2 Wines21/03/2200:0000:00
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Possible exam moment11/06/2213:3014:30
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Start Online WSET Level 2 Wines13/06/2200:0000:00
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More info

Duration of the course
The WSET ® Level 2 Award course, both in wines and spirits, consists of five interactive online classes divided over a period of five weeks. Each course has a specific start date and exam date, as well as a registration deadline. The exam is held at a determined moment at one of the Belgian exam venues of WineWise. The student can always change the exam date, provided that it is within the registration deadline.

For whom?
* For the beginning and intermediate wine professional seeking guidance.
* For the beginning wine lover.

Entry requirements
* No entry requirements, apart from the minimum age of 16.
* And obviously wanting to learn to taste wine, and to work with it in a responsible way.

Possible languages
* English (standard)

Course delivery
* This course is offered monthly.
* A minimum of 28 hours + exam (1 hour)
* Wine merchants and other companies: this online course is ideal for individual coaching of you and/or your staff with your own portfolio. Please request an offer free of obligation here.

What you´ll learn
* How wine is made
* What factors influence wine style
* The 8 key white and black varieties and their characteristics and some regionally important grape varieties
* The important wine-producing regions of the world in which these grapes are grown
* The production of sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines
* Label terminology
* The principles of food and wine pairing
* The principal categories of spirits and liqueurs, and how they are made
* How to describe wine using the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
* For more information and full details of the course requirements, please download the Specification.

Internationally recognized WSET exam
Assessment is by a closed-book exam of 50 multiple-choice questions.
A total mark of 55% or more is required to receive the WSET level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits certificate and lapel pin.
Exam 1h.

WSET online trainer.

Cost online course
* € 375 (excl. VAT – € 453,75 incl. VAT) – online – e-book included
* € 45 (excl. VAT – € 54,45 incl. VAT) for extra book in Dutch or French
* € 6,40 shipment (€ 16,40 outside Belgium)
* Re-sit exam: € 125 – a “NO SHOW” without doctors proof is also considered as a re-sit.