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WineWise introductory course
The question was asked as to whether we also offer an introductory course wine without certification. As a result of this, the WineWise introductory course was set up.
In 5 sessions of 2.5 hours, you can become acquainted with the wine world through the main types of wine and grape varieties. These are always linked to the major wine regions throughout the world. WSET’s well thought out tasting method helps you to distinguish between the foremost aromas and flavours of wine. An indispensable course that will help you form your own opinion about a glass of wine. It makes it easier for you to make a choice when buying wine and is the first step to building up your own wine cellar. You will also be taught the basic concepts needed to combine wines and food.

Where can you go to do this?
The WineWise introductory course is offered at several wine merchants or catering businesses that cooperate with a WineWise Trainer. They use the WSET® book ‘Wines and Spirits: Looking Behind the Label’. The links below will take you to the various WineWise Trainers. Their websites show the dates on which they offer a WineWise introductory course in your area. The WineWise Trainer deals with the financial side of the course. The price of this course depends on the location and varies between € 260 and € 300, for 5 sessions (including 21% VAT).

For whom?
An ideal course for anyone who is starting with wine, in which you learn the basic terms. Professionals who are unable to make time during the day can also register for an extra session at WineWise using the unique code in the book. The session includes the exam. You will then receive a study guide and a Vimeo about spirits, which will help you to prepare as well as possible for the WSET level 2 exam. There is an additional charge of € 185 for this.

If you deal with wine professionally, either at a wine merchants or in the catering industry and are able to take a day course, we recommend you follow the independent day course WSET niveau 2 at WineWise. This day course also falls under the SME portfolio.

Register here with your unique code.

Possible exam dates
* Saturday 5/12/2020 at 10.30 am in Antwerp – deadline subscription 5/11/2020 – cancelled because of Covid-19
* Saturday 16/01/2021 at 10.30 am Antwerp – deadline subscription 16/12/2020

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