WineWise courses

WineWise is your PARTNER for broadening your knowledge of wine and optimising your national and international network in the wine and/or spirits sector.

WSET Qualifications

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is the world’s leading provider of courses in the area of wines and spirits. Their course programmes are specially designed for anyone who would like to extend or broaden their knowledge of wines and spirits, from beginners to professionals.

WSET courses are available in 19 languages and are provided by a network of more than 600 course providers in over 60 countries.
WineWise offers courses in the Benelux, publicly and also in-company.

WSET Online

WineWise also offers online distance education. Students register through WineWise and follow the lessons @home/@work via a digital course platform, under the supervision of a WSET® instructor. The online courses are structured and interactive learning programmes that also leave room for flexible planning. Students can log in whenever they want, study the contents and summaries of the weekly subjects, participate in online activities, practice tasting, post reactions and participate in online class discussions.
WineWise offers the WSET wine course levels 2, 3 and 4 online, and the WSET level 2 Spirits is also possible.

WineWise Keep-up sessions

Anyone who explores wine will soon notice that there is always something new to learn. That is why WineWise offers ‘keep-up’ sessions. The subject, level and price varies but they all have a common objective: to keep your wine and/or spirits knowledge up-to-date. You can also follow these keep-up sessions within the WineWise Alumni community, which makes the price more attractive.

WineWise Trainers

WineWise can count on the support of, and rely on a number of experts from the wine and spirits industry. WSET graduates also offer WineWise courses in accordance with their level of knowledge and experience.
All the trainers have passed WSET level 3 or 4 at least, and some hold the title Weinakademiker (WA) or Master of Wine (MW).