WineWise à la carte – Custom Wine Courses

WineWise is your ideal partner for custom wine courses. We work together with experts from the entire wine industry and discuss with you which WineWise Trainer suits the needs of your company best. We offer these services in Dutch, English and French.
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  • Wine merchants and Catering industry that want to be successful in the continually changing wine world need a firm, permanent training platform, ranging from certified courses (WSET kwalificaties) to keep-up sessions.
  • All sorts of companies also require their business managers, senior executives and sales team to have a minimum of knowledge about wine. It has been shown that having sound basic knowledge of wine terms results in better sales and entrepreneurship.
  • The individual wine lover can also rely on WineWise for an informal initiation or high-quality introductory course. Get a group of friends or acquaintances together and we’ll come to your home.

@Your company

WineWise offers WSET courses to wine merchants and caterers. Together with the person responsible, we check who has what prior knowledge and get the team on the same wavelength. We use your wines.

WineWise offers companies that are not involved in the professional wine industry initiation or introductory courses that will help to generate business with a glass of wine in the hand.
This is also an ideal teambuilding activity.


A fun wine evening at home, without the obligation to buy…
An introductory course in wine with a few friends, where each session is held at a different person’s house…
Or simply advice for your choice of wines for a party or wine cellar…

Share your ideas with us and we’ll make it happen!

@WineWise Antwerp

WineWise has its own classroom in Antwerp, where we can receive groups of up to 18 people.
You can also come to us for meetings with small groups. The meeting can be alternated with a tasting, the theme of which can be discussed, and/or a walk in the nearby beautiful Middelheim park. We cater for a light lunch or you can opt for food and wine harmony.

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