WSET 1 – Sake – 4/12/2018

Sake, a great journey of discovery!
New in our WSET education programme is the Sake course.
The diversity of Sake is immense. Apart from different styles, like sparkling sake, aged sake, red sake etcetera, there are also different categories, areas, terroirs, and rice varieties. Join us and discover the diversity of this Japanese drink.
This session will be presented by Piet Vannieuwenhuyse, certified WSET Sake educator.
Location: WineWise Academy
Price: 295 € (incl. 21% BTW)
Date: Tuesday 4/12/18 from 9u30 till 17u
Exam: Monday 7/01/2018 @ 5.30 pm (45 min)
This course is offered in Engish. Also the course material and exam are in English. 
KMO-portefeuille: yes – 40% of the sum without VAT is subsidised – info
Opleidingcheques: no

Extra info

 04/12/2018 van 09:30 tot 17:00
 Piet Vannieuwenhuyse
 295 € (incl BTW)
 Eglantierlaan 68, 2020 Antwerpen

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