"Keep up" session – THE FUTURE OF WINE – by Robert Joseph – 4/03/2018

The speed with which major breakthroughs are being realized in areas such as Unlimited access to knowledge, robotics, The Internet of Things and nanotechnology will drastically affect many aspects of our lives. What role will internet, artificial intelligence and driverless cars play in the future of the wine industry? These and a long list of other questions form part of a major piece of ongoing research into the future of wine — its results will appear in this Robert Joseph´s newest book, to be released mid-2018.
Deadline: wednesday 28/02/2018
Speaker: Robert Joseph
Date: Sunday 4th of March 2018 at 12 am till 4 pm
Location: Universiteitsclub – Antwerp
Price:  € 150 (incl. 21% BTW) – lunch and wines included
Special price for Weinakademiker. 
KMOportefeuille: Yes

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 04/03/2018 van 12:00 tot 16:00
 Robert Joseph
 150 € (incl BTW)
 Prinsstraat 13B, 2000 Antwerp

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